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Direct Democracy The citizens' meeting

Five places, five stories - a close-up view of Swiss local democracy 

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in depth The ‘capital of peace’

Geneva is known as a hub for dozens of international organisations, the United Nations and over 250 non-governmental agencies.

Direct democracy

#DearDemocracy’s international portal for people with a passion for politics

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Discrimination Survey: foreign names can be an electoral handicap

The Swiss free-list electoral system discriminates against foreign entrants with non-Swiss sounding names, a study has found.

election campaigns Facebook: Switzerland also vulnerable to manipulation

Amidst the storm involving Cambridge Analytica, the Zurich data protection officer has said that a similar scenario is possible in Switzerland.

Online markets Luxury watches at your fingertips

In an industry where luxury boutiques equate with high-end customer service, the internet was almost a dirty word among Swiss watchmakers.

Conference on Disarmament Can the Swiss help revitalise nuclear talks?

Switzerland is taking over the presidency of the world's main multilateral forum for nuclear disarmament, which has been deadlocked for two decades.

Disarmament Why Switzerland hasn’t (yet) signed the treaty banning nuclear weapons

Switzerland has not yet signed or ratified the Nuclear Weapons Ban Treaty, adopted by the United Nations last summer.

Electrifying Geneva motor show: Mechanics gear up for revolution

Swiss mechanics at the International Motor Show in Geneva find out how best to serve their clients.

International democracy Switzerland promotes democracy where it hurts

Myanmar, Laos, Thailand, Taiwan: all countries in which Switzerland is actively engaged for more democracy.