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Online markets Luxury watches at your fingertips

In an industry where luxury boutiques equate with high-end customer service, the internet was almost a dirty word among Swiss watchmakers.

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Pro Helvetia ‘We must not impose politics on the artists’ work’

Philippe Bischof, the new director of the Swiss arts council Pro Helvetia, talks to about the significance of cultural exchanges abroad.

Swiss Arts Council abroad Pro Helvetia pursues ‘engaged neutrality’

The global success of Pro Helvetia, the Swiss Arts Council is in part the result of a very particular cultural exchange strategy.

politics Is there such a thing as ‘Latin Switzerland’?

Switzerland’s French and Italian speakers are sometimes seen as a single political bloc against the German-speakers. This is far from the truth.

Time for a clean As time takes its toll, the Zytglogge gets a facelift

The intricate moving parts of the Swiss capital's ornate astronomical clock have been taken away for repairs.