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#WeAreSwissAbroad Eva Witschi: invaluable professional experience in London

Before eventually returning to Switzerland, where she would like to bring up her children, 25-year-old Eva Witschi wants to “have adventures in ...

Radio and Television Swiss licence fee vote: the demands and potential consequences

On March 4, the Swiss will vote on getting rid of the compulsory radio and television licence fee. What are the arguments and what is at stake? 

Fashion icon Swiss designer Christa de Carouge has died

Iconic Swiss fashion designer Christa de Carouge has died following a short illness, according to her staff. A colleague of de Carouge’s ...

Unesco cultural heritage Why the Swiss are experts at predicting avalanches

Can avalanches be managed? An in-depth look at the latest Swiss snow science.

Points of view Government minister calls for media quality and diversity

Communications Minister Doris Leuthard has made a strong case for media diversity in Switzerland to bolster the country’s democracy. In a ...