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Democracy Lab How to serve up an initiative that is hard to digest

Some Swiss votes can be very technical and the need for independent viewpoints is vital. But experts can be incomprehensible and not very neutral.

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Democracy players Anja Wyden Guelpa: taking democracy to today’s youth

Anja Wyden Guelpa, chief of staff of Geneva's government, is considered one of the most active promoters of democracy in Switzerland. 

Voter button Will Facebook influence the 2019 Swiss elections?

Facebook is reportedly planning to deploy its controversial “I’m a voter” button in Switzerland ahead of parliamentary elections next year.

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Taking back control How to reconcile direct democracy and international law

As Switzerland continues to debate whether to privilege national or international law, we give a run-down of other options to settle the wrangle.

June 10 vote ‘Cosmetic reforms will not stop another financial crisis’

New international rules are not enough to prevent speculative bubbles and financial crises, says Sergio Rossi, professor of macroeconomics.

June 10 vote ‘The ‘sovereign money’ initiative would weaken Switzerland as a financial centre’

Rather than prevent new crises, the initiative would create uncertainty and compromise the competitiveness of Swiss banks, says Philippe Bacchetta.

Democracy toolbox Threat of referendum ‘sword’ keeps politicians in check

It’s the people who have the final say in Swiss politics, be it for constitutional amendments or for new laws.

Vote June 10, 2018 Survey predicts ‘sovereign money’ initiative will fail

A sweeping reform of Switzerland’s monetary system is unlikely to win a majority in a nationwide vote on June 10.