Democracy - the Swiss Model

Federalism and Covid-19 How the virus puts the Swiss political system to test

The coronavirus epidemic allows a privileged insight into the balance of power between Switzerlrand's national and the regional authorities. 

Swiss democracy in an international context The perfect democracy does not exist – not even in Switzerland

Many Swiss pride themselves on having the oldest and best democracy in the world. The research community provides a more nuanced perspective.

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Votes, elections, initiatives and referendums

direct democracy Signatures handed in for national vote on health costs

The Christian Democratic Party has handed in signatures to force a national vote on their plan to reduce the cost of health insurance premiums.

This content was published on March 10, 2020 4:11 PM

may vote Unions say anti-EU initiative is bad for workers

Trade unions have said scrapping the freedom of movement agreement with the European Union, saying a “yes” vote would be “an attack on all workers”.

This content was published on February 24, 2020 1:49 PM
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Global democracy

‘no time to die’ How Covid-19 has hit democracy worldwide

The ongoing pandemic has put the entire world on hold. As well as the newest James Bond movie, popular votes around the globe have been postponed.

SWISS DEMOCRACY IN AN INTERNATIONAL CONTEXT The chance to participate in politics is the key to happiness

In many parts of the world, people’s level of satisfaction with their own democracy is diminishing according to a recent study.

roger de weck ‘The more power citizens have, the more responsible they become’

Author, journalist, and ex-SBC head Roger de Weck analyses how to modernise democracy in a book to appear this week.

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General democracy

Canvassing Paid signature collections spark concerns about Swiss democracy

Reports about deceitful practices by paid collectors of citizen signatures for political proposals have caused an outcry.

direct democracy Do you trust your fellow citizens more than your leaders?

A Swiss experiment bringing together a group of “normal” citizens to prepare an info sheet for February’s national vote has completed its first stage.

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Digital Democracy

Digital democracy What Switzerland and Taiwan can learn from each other

Audrey Tang, Taiwan’s minister for digitalisation, discusses the systems of democracy in Switzerland and Taiwan.

parliament E-voting dealt another political blow

Politicians in the House of Representatives have indicated that they’re in favour of shelving e-voting trials completely.

This content was published on December 10, 2019 3:58 PM
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Vote February 9, 2020

Swiss voters decided to extend protection against anti-homosexual      discrimination and rejected a proposal to boost social housing.

Direct democracy What’s a people’s or citizens’ initiative?

Swiss citizens can either propose legislation of their own, or work to defeat legislation already approved by parliament.

Direct democracy What’s a referendum?

Switzerland gives its citizens the chance to play a direct part in political decision-making. Although direct democracy is not unique to ...

Visual data

Explore 600 national votes How direct democracy has grown over the decades

The number of issues put to vote has increased considerably since the 1970s. The graphics present more than 600 nationwide votes since 1848.

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Politics Parliamentary elections 2019

Green parties posted a landslide victory in the 2019 elections to the Swiss parliament on October 20.