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Digital democracy App launched to help Swiss voters

The Swiss have launched an app that provides background information as well as the results of all votes nationwide.

This content was published on January 15, 2019 11:31 AM

Keep calm and leave the EU Brits in Switzerland wonder about their rights amid Brexit countdown

Can British citizens in Switzerland feel reassured about their post-Brexit situation following a complicated deal between Switzerland and the UK?

Climate protection Greens use people power to broaden their reach

The Green Party is considering launching a people’s initiative after parliament rejected plans for a tax on plane tickets.

Political ranking Global democracy looking better as Switzerland slips

Increased political participation around the world has halted a democratic backslide according to the latest democracy index.

Vote February 10, 2019 Swiss voters asked to decide on urban sprawl

As urban development continues apace, should a freeze be placed on the creation of new construction zones?

Five proposals Zurich wants to ease political participation for non-Swiss

Switzerland’s biggest city attracts many expatriates. But it does not grant them any say in political matters in a country proud of its democracy.

Alain Berset Through the Swiss president's eyes

Over the past year, Alain Berset has been accompanied by the Fribourg photographer Nicolas Brodard.

Across the globe 2019: A big year ahead for democracy

Billions of citizens in some of the world’s most populous democracies will make important decisions at the ballot box next year.

Multilateralism UN migration pact: A hard landing for ‘soft law’

The uproar caused by the UN migration pact may have been political, but it also raises questions about the legitimacy of such agreements.

DEMOCRACY LAB Citizens’ Juries – providing a neutral recommendation on voting issues

Switzerland plans to test the use of a citizens’ jury whereby a few randomly selected citizens provide a balanced assessment of voting issues.

People power Direct democracy vs. France’s street protesters

Street protesters in France have obtained concessions from government, but it's different from Swiss direct democracy, writes Daniel Warner.

Direct democracy Initiative launched to stop relaxation of Swiss arms exports

Campaigners have launched a people’s initiative to prevent the Swiss government from relaxing rules for exporting arms to conflict-ridden states.

This content was published on December 11, 2018 2:53 PM