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Direct Democracy The citizens' meeting

Five places, five stories - a close-up view of Swiss local democracy 

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Discrimination Survey: foreign names can be an electoral handicap

The Swiss free-list electoral system discriminates against foreign entrants with non-Swiss sounding names, a study has found.

election campaigns Facebook: Switzerland also vulnerable to manipulation

Amidst the storm involving Cambridge Analytica, the Zurich data protection officer has said that a similar scenario is possible in Switzerland.

#DDWorldtour Notebook from Fukushima and Hiroshima Japan’s long democratic detour

Shaped by two of history’s worst man-made disasters, Japan has become a hesitating democracy under the control of a nostalgic political class.

Public health New initiative calls for tobacco advertising ban

All tobacco advertising that targets children and young adults should be banned, demands a people’s initiative launched on Tuesday.

International democracy Switzerland promotes democracy where it hurts

Myanmar, Laos, Thailand, Taiwan: all countries in which Switzerland is actively engaged for more democracy.

Electronic voting Ten arguments for and against e-voting

Is voting online a big step forwards or backwards? Opinion in Switzerland about the use of electronic voting is divided. 

Ethics and politics Vote upsets boost drive for greater political transparency

A proposal seeking nationwide rules for the funding of political parties has been given a boost following surprising cantonal ballot box victories ...

politics Is there such a thing as ‘Latin Switzerland’?

Switzerland’s French and Italian speakers are sometimes seen as a single political bloc against the German-speakers. This is far from the truth.

March 4 vote Swiss Abroad overwhelmingly rejected licence fee initiative

In most cantons, the Swiss Abroad who rejected Sunday's No Billag vote hovered around or even surpassed 78%.