The Swiss community around the globe

Around 775,000 Swiss citizens live outside the country's borders, making up about 10% of the total population. Most expats reside in neighbouring European countries. There is also a considerable Swiss abroad community in North America.

Registered expatriates have had the right to take part in votes and elections since 1992. The introduction of e-voting and concerns about the network of embassies and consulates are among the key concerns of the Swiss Abroad.

News and background

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Young Swiss abroad

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Tax issues

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Swiss schools abroad

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Congress of the Swiss Abroad, Basel 2017

Swiss Abroad Congress Franz Boos, US

Besides e-voting and pension reform, Swiss expatriate Franz Boos is concerned about banking services.

Swiss Abroad Congress Max Haechler, US

Longtime OSA council member Max Haechler is worried about how the next generation can participate.

Swiss Abroad Congress Monika Tiffany, US

First-time congress attendee Monika Tiffany feels Swiss banks should make banking less of a hassle for Swiss citizens living abroad.

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