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nouvo Goodbye, see you soon

All good things come to an end: it's been a pleasure to entertain you and inform you about current events in Switzerland.

#SWIonTour From yodel to bebop

Gabriela Martina left the Lucerne countryside to study jazz in the US. Today, the vocalist and composer teaches at Berklee College of Music in Boston.

Asylum policy From convicts to migrants: the transformation of Moutier

The prison in Moutier holds asylum seekers destined for expulsion. This has brought major changes for employees and the institution. 

The Sounds of... When the world got its news from shortwave radio

What did sound like for the first seven decades of its existence? The short answer: a radio station.

Culinary Arts A Zurich restaurant serves its main dish on the wall

In an age of star chefs and gourmet world rankings, the Kronenhalle restaurant in Zurich stands out: nowhere in the world is the art of gastronomy ...

nouvo Switzerland in quotes

From the press to TV news, tweets or even official press releases, there are plenty of people commenting on what’s going on in Switzerland.

All change! A century of design on the move

The Swiss Museum for Design has opened an exhibition showcasing the iconic signs that adorn Swiss railways and trains.

Nouvo Switzerland in numbers

Behind every story we report on Nouvo there’s a percentage, a number, a fact.

nouvo It's the first time that...

On October 20 Switzerland elected its new parliament. About 5.4 million Swiss citizens were eligible to vote for their representatives. What were ...