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election campaigns Facebook: Switzerland also vulnerable to manipulation

Amidst the storm involving Cambridge Analytica, the Zurich data protection officer has said that a similar scenario is possible in Switzerland.

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Welfare war Swiss detectives may use GPS devices to catch benefit cheats

Tracking devices can be used to investigate cases of suspected welfare abuse in the future, parliament decided on Monday. 

Urban Centre-left parties dominate Switzerland’s biggest cities

Zurich, Geneva, Basel, Bern, Lausanne, St Gallen: Switzerland’s largest cities are dominated by parties on the political left.

Ethics and politics Vote upsets boost drive for greater political transparency

A proposal seeking nationwide rules for the funding of political parties has been given a boost following surprising cantonal ballot box victories ...

March 4 vote Swiss small-business owners debate media fee

A leading Swiss business organisation supports doing away with licence fees for public service broadcasters. Two of its members discuss the issue.

Smart sanitation Swiss cities: How clean is clean enough?

If you think Swiss streets are clean, meet the digital system that could make them even cleaner by counting and categorising different types of trash.

Holocaust Memorial Day Coming to terms with a tarnished Swiss wartime record

To mark Holocaust Memorial Day, swissinfo.ch looks back at Switzerland’s questionable wartime policies towards Jews fleeing Nazi persecution.