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Science Saturday Dying star may have helped form Earth as we know it

If it had not been for a massive star, Earth may well have developed into a hostile ocean world covered in ice sheets, say scientists.

This content was published on February 16, 2019 2:41 PM

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Swiss drone valley Startup makes life-saving robots inspired by flies

The drones of Lausanne start-up Flyability can reach inaccessible areas, reducing not only costs but also the risk of a fatal accident.

Conservation Using Swiss AI and drones to count African wildlife

After a promising first run in Namibia, a Swiss project could aid savanna conservation using drones and automatic image analysis.

Food science Cheesy study helps find the perfect fondue

Swiss researchers have been busy testing the texture of cheese fondue – more specifically, how it flows. Or not.

Extreme conditions Swiss architect makes a mark in Antarctica

What does an Antarctic architect do? Gianluca Rendina designs “buildings” capable of withstanding extreme temperatures and icy, furious winds.  

Science Saturday You can learn a new language when deeply asleep

Research: it's possible to learn new vocabulary in a foreign language during certain phases of deep sleep and retrieve it unconsciously when awake.

This content was published on February 2, 2019 11:00 AM

Breaking the limits Locarno’s new director unveils plans for the next festival

The Locarno Film Festival has a new director. Lili Hinstin, 42, has big ideas for running Switzerland's largest cinematic celebration.

Anarchists in Switzerland Part 1 Did terrorists once plot to blow up the Swiss government? 

Was it a real anarchist conspiracy or a fabrication by a German hairdresser? We look at a 19th century plot to blow up the federal government in Bern.