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WEF 2018 Fringe players aim to upstage Trump in Davos

WEF's annual meeting is not all about the big name politicians. Fringe events are increasingly giving a platform to the disruptive digital world.

Gondo revival Cryptocurrency mining to restore Alpine village’s goldrush fever

The former gold mining Swiss village of Gondo has been through some rough times. Can cryptocurrency mining revive the community's fortunes?

Cryptocurrencies Interior of a crypto mine

Gondo's crypto mine has filled a municipal building full of servers, wires, pipes and flashing lights.

Alpine village A walk through Gondo

A short tour of Gondo reveals the isolation of a village nestled between towering mountains.

Digging deep What does the snow layer tell us?

Snow physicist Charles Fierz and his colleague from the Institute for Snow and Avalanche Research (SLF) in Davos demonstrate the various tests and ...

Energy potential How biomass could help Switzerland reach its energy goals

There is vast energy potential locked up in Swiss biomass like wood and manure. Accessing it will take more than technological innovation alone.

On reflection Switzerland in motion: 2017 in review

2017 has seen a lot of movement – technologically, economically and socially. Swiss politics, however, has remained relatively calm.