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Cell exploration 3D microscope offers window to cell behaviour

Scientists will be better able to see how living cells function thanks to a new automated 3D microscope that allows observation without the use of ...

This content was published on July 15, 2019 6:59 PM

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Buzz Aldrin & Co Starmus honours men who reached for the moon

The Starmus Festival in Zurich recognised the people who made the first moon landing possible 50 years ago.

Studying Switzerland Why an Australian scientist is finding out more about Lake Geneva 

Iconic Lake Geneva is a “fascinating open-air laboratory”, says Australian researcher Andrew Barry.

Plant Protection Switzerland nurtures secrecy on pesticides

Swiss pesticide approval procedures are still far from transparent, fueling strong suspicions of collusion between the authorities and industry.

Starmus Festival ‘We came for all mankind’

The race for the moon continues to fascinate. Several astronauts came to Zurich for the European premiere of a new documentary on the 1969 mission.