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Fiscal equality Government seeks to end ‘unequal’ taxation of married couples

The Federal Council wants to amend tax laws to ensure equal fiscal treatment of married couples compared to unmarried cohabitating couples.

OECD report Immigrant students in Switzerland more motivated, less integrated

A new report shows that immigrant teens in Swiss schools perform well, are satisfied with life, and are more motivated than their native classmates.

Physicist dies at 76 Watch Stephen Hawking's Swiss visit in 1987

Physicist Stephen Hawking, who died on Wednesday, gave a speech at the Federal Institute of Technology Zurich in 1987. Here is an excerpt.

Welfare war Swiss detectives may use GPS devices to catch benefit cheats

Tracking devices can be used to investigate cases of suspected welfare abuse in the future, parliament decided on Monday. 

Wealthy nation Sharp rise in number of Swiss multimillionaires

The number of Swiss multimillionaires – people with net assets of over $5 million – rose by 13% in 2017 compared to the previous year.