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UNESCO nominated Thousands watch historic Easter Mendrisio processions

Crowds have been watching the Easter processions in Mendrisio, a practice nominated for inclusion on UNESCO's intangible cultural heritage list.

This content was published on April 19, 2019 11:47 AM

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Libyan conflict ‘We haven’t yet learned from the 2015 refugee crisis’

Is Europe set for another migration wave? A complex civil war in Libya, the third since 2011, could spark a new stream of asylum requests.

Crime statistics Why most of Switzerland’s prisoners are not Swiss

Almost three-quarters of all detainees in Swiss prisons are of foreign origin, a study shows. An analysis of the factors behind the numbers.

Losing a landmark How would Switzerland rebuild a national treasure like Notre-Dame?

For many Swiss, the fiery devastation of Notre-Dame Cathedral sparks another memory – that of Lucerne’s wooden Chapel Bridge in flames.

Not enough signatures Health insurance reform proposals flop

Two initiatives aimed at reforming Switzerland’s health insurance system have failed to gain public support, quashing any hopes of a nationwide vote.

This content was published on April 16, 2019 12:16 PM

Swiss education Are 14-year-olds ready to make a career choice?

Students make big decisions about their professional futures at a young age in Switzerland. Too early, or just right?

Which career? Choosing a profession when you're only 14

Swiss teenagers describe how they made their career choices at the tender age of 14. (Julie Hunt, 

Small States Games Swiss Guard runs for the Vatican

Thierry Roch puts down his halberd and pulls on his running shoes as he prepares to win medals for the Vatican.

Exhibition: Switzerland Elsewhere Whatever happened to all those Swiss expats?

Meet “Müller, the Turk”. As a young man, railway worker Jakob Müller travelled from Lucerne to Istanbul – where he embarked on a storybook career.

Media consumption Swiss teens get news online but don’t believe it

Teenagers in Switzerland get most of their information from the internet yet think traditional media are the most trustworthy. In addition, four ...

This content was published on April 11, 2019 11:55 AM

Head count Swiss population tops 8.5 million

Switzerland’s population increased slightly to 8.5 million last year, according to provisional data from the Federal Statistical Office. 

This content was published on April 9, 2019 8:18 PM