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Working 9 to 5.13 Swiss are the second-most hardworking Europeans

Full-time workers in Switzerland remain among the most industrious in Europe – even if the trend is for less work and more holidays.

WFP in Syria Overseeing the UN’s ‘most complex’ relief operation

The Swiss humanitarian worker Jakob Kern has been leading the WFP’s Syria action since December 2015.

Adoption scandal Sri Lankans in Switzerland demand justice

Hundreds of Sri Lankan babies who were adopted by Swiss couples in the 1980s are trying to discover whether they were smuggled into the country.

Obituary Popular Swiss homeless pastor dies

Ernst Sieber, arguably Switzerland’s best-known pastor and champion of the homeless has died at the age of 91.

Society taboo Young carers face many obstacles

Switzerland’s first ever figures show that almost 8% of children aged 10-15 are young carers – far more than previously thought.