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First World War Switzerland’s armistice memories, carved in stone

On Sunday, many countries are celebrating the centenary of the end of the First World War. Monuments to the fallen have a special place.

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1918 General Strike Capitulation before revolution

November 2018 will see the centenary of the 1918 General Strike, a political event that brought Switzerland to the brink of civil war.

War and revolution The road to proportional representation in Switzerland

Here's how, in 1918, Switzerland made the historic decision to move to a proportional representation system at national level.

Arms exports Values and weapons, Switzerland delivers both

Swiss peace brokering and Swiss weapons in the world’s wars are uncomfortable bedfellows. We take a closer look at the issue.

Peace policy Syrian civil society meets in Geneva to discuss peace

With war still raging in Syria and official peace talks on hold, a quiet peace initiative is continuing behind the scenes in Geneva.

Industry audit Loopholes allow Swiss weapons producers to massage export rules

Weapons exporters already exploit enough regulatory loopholes to make a proposed relaxation of the Swiss arms trade a largely academic exercise, ...

Tourism and tradition Calling off the sheepdogs in the Swiss Alps

The mountain dwellers in the area around the Gotthard Pass worry that their guard dogs not only scare off wolves and bears, but also summer visitors.