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Federal elections These are the hurdles facing women in Swiss politics

Why, in a country where female voters outnumber their male counterparts by 10%, do women remain a minority group in cantonal and federal politics?

Animal rights Swiss to vote on banning factory farming

Campaigners have submitted the necessary signatures for an initiative aimed at outlawing intensive livestock production in Switzerland.

This content was published on September 17, 2019 3:18 PM

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Anti free movement Proposal for immigration restrictions under debate

Parliament is holding a major debate about plans by the right-wing Swiss People’s Party to limit immigration.

This content was published on September 16, 2019 9:54 PM

International day of democracy  Ten key ingredients for a democratic society 

​​​​​​​ The recent elections in Russia shows the country still has a long way to be a successful democracy. 

Full powers How Swiss direct democracy made a comeback after authoritarian rule

It wasn’t until 1949 – exactly 70 years ago – that Switzerland returned from authoritarian rule and put direct democracy back on solid footing.

parliamentary elections Campaign funding still a taboo topic in Switzerland sheds light on the tradition of Swiss secrecy on funding of political parties and candidates during elections.

Parliamentary elections Green parties consolidate gains in latest Swiss election poll

Environmentalist groups have continued to win support while the right looks set to lose ground according to the latest SBC election barometer.

Downside of Swiss democracy Are direct democracy and civic rights just ‘nice to haves’?

Women, the young generation and low income earners are underrepresented in politics and are also less likely to participate in votes.

federalism How wealthy Swiss regions subsidise their poorer cousins

Each year, Switzerland’s unique redistributive system, a cornerstone of federalism, shifts money from richer to poorer parts of the country.

Reportagen Festival These journalists fled to Switzerland because of their work

Journalists from Colombia, Yemen and Azerbaijan who fled to Switzerland to escape persecution tell their stories.

Interview: Remo Gysin Expat Swiss lament government’s ‘lack of leadership’ on e-voting

E-voting is no longer an option for the parliamentary elections in October. What does this mean for the expatriate Swiss community?

Get off my land Federer gets caught up in lake access debate

Although Swiss law says waterways belong to the public, Roger Federer won't be losing sleep about a footpath being built through his land.

Participatory democracy Swiss town tests citizen panel to help voters analyse information

The municipality of Sion in Switzerland is planning a participative democracy experiment first tried out in the US state of Oregon.

Kloten politics Citizens’ assembly in a Swiss transport hub pushes the boundaries of democracy

The Swiss town of Kloten has taken a political step back in history towards the oldest form of direct democracy – the citizens assembly.

#SWIontour Swiss in Minnesota call for compromise and e-voting

Finding middle ground in an increasingly polarized political landscape is key, say Swiss voters living in the American Midwest.