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Revolution in the classroom How 1968 changed Swiss schooling

In the years around 1968, young Swiss felt a desire for new models of society and designs for living. That went for education too.

ASAP Best to get migrant children in school early, argues education official

A Swiss education official says migrant parents should bring their children to Switzerland as soon as possible. Schools are the key to integration.

School dress codes ‘You’re going to school, not out clubbing’

Revealing summer clothing has sparked the question of whether Swiss schools need dress codes.

OECD PISA survey High-achieving pupils still attracted to teaching

The teaching profession remains an attractive choice for talented young people in Switzerland, the OECD says.

VPET 18: From Singapore to Switzerland Swiss vocational training serves as a model for others

Singapore, the United States and Mozambique: three countries, three very different apprenticeship experiences.