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Training for success Most Swiss apprentices find work quickly

Some 85% of Swiss graduating from an apprenticeship find a job within three months; almost half of them stay loyal to the employer who trained them.

Easyvote survey Don’t trust political journalists, Swiss youth say

Young citizens in Switzerland appear to lose interest in political information and trust in media is waning according to an opinion poll.

Education Study: Girls respond to new physics lessons

A new teaching method for physics developed by Zurich researchers could help girls in particular.

Child stress Parents blamed for putting schoolchildren under pressure

Parents, not schools, are to blame for an apparent increase in stress levels among primary schoolchildren, according to a Swiss youth welfare group.

OECD report Immigrant students in Switzerland more motivated, less integrated

A new report shows that immigrant teens in Swiss schools perform well, are satisfied with life, and are more motivated than their native classmates.

Swiss education Younger children are also skipping school

Most people think school truants are older children, but experts say that cutting school is a growing problem in Switzerland among younger pupils too.