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back to work Jobless in Switzerland need more education, say social groups

Two leading Swiss organisations for social action and further education have called for big investment in training opportunities for the unemployed.

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Apprenticeship system

Swiss 16-year-olds face an important choice at the end of their three compulsory years in lower secondary school.

University exchange programmes

Swiss universities are very popular with foreign students, who make up 17% of the student body, almost three times the OECD average.

Hotel management schools

Having catered for wealthy tourists since the 19th century, the Swiss hotel sector has developed a reputation for high-quality service and expertise.

vocational training in 2017 On-the-job training: a Swiss calling card

2017 was an exceptional year for the Swiss vocational model on the world stage. So what sets the country’s job training apart from the competition?

Study in Switzerland What do foreign students in Swiss universities do after graduating?

One in five students in the upper levels of Swiss universities come from abroad. After graduation, almost 40% leave the country again.

Snapshot What a typical Swiss student is like

There are almost 200,000 university students in Switzerland. What do we know about their backgrounds and how do they get by financially?

Antibiotic Awareness Week How a teen is taking on antibiotic resistance

Nina Kathe has just started classes at the University of Zurich, but she’s already the author of award-winning research into a global health concern.