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ETH Zurich New ultrasound technique improves breast cancer detection

Zurich-based researchers have developed a new ultrasound technique that can help distinguish benign breast tumours from malignant ones. 

Healthy income Doctors’ salaries exceed expectations

The salaries of self-employed doctors in Switzerland are around a third higher than previously thought.

Life expectancy Want to live longer? Try Switzerland or Spain

In terms of life expectancy in Europe, on a regional level, only Madrid in Spain tops the Swiss canton of Ticino.

Tracking Tuberculosis Swiss-Brazilian disease research faces uncertain future

Scientists are working to unlock the genetic secret behind tuberculosis (TB), which kills more people than AIDS and malaria combined.

Lausanne The highs and lows of opening a safe drug injection centre

Safe injection centres are part of Swiss drug policy. Yet opening such facilities is fraught with difficulties, as the new Lausanne centre has shown.