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Society taboo Young carers face many obstacles

Switzerland’s first ever figures show that almost 8% of children aged 10-15 are young carers – far more than previously thought.

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Gaétan Girardin, former young carer

Gaétan Girardin, on what support would be needed for young carers. Video courtesy: Careum/Kalaidos University of Applied Sciences 

Giulia Brändli, young carer

Giulia Brändli talks about her experiences looking after her mother. Video courtesy: Careum/Kalaidos University of Applied Sciences 

right to die David Goodall ends his life in Basel assisted suicide

The 104-year-old Australian scientist who drew international attention this week to his right-to-die campaign ended his life on Thursday.

Uranium earrings Radioactive jewellery recalled in Switzerland

A Swiss company has sold esoteric “negative-ion” jewellery containing high levels of uranium and thorium.

CHF18,000 per refugee What will new asylum seeker integration funds be spent on?

Cantons are set to receive CHF18,000 ($18,000) for every refugee or asylum seeker allowed to stay in Switzerland.