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Training for success Most Swiss apprentices find work quickly

Some 85% of Swiss graduating from an apprenticeship find a job within three months; almost half of them stay loyal to the employer who trained them.

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Aviation history Pioneering female pilot now runs her own airline

Helene Niedhart created headlines in the 1980s when, because no Swiss airline would employ her as a pilot, she founded her own airline.

Question of the week Are the Swiss good at flirting?

Spring is arriving after a long, grey winter, warming the air and stirring the blood of the Swiss. But are they any good at flirting?

A tale of two countries ‘You’re Swiss? Stockholm is so beautiful…’

A botched flag-flying attempt this week raised confusion between Switzerland and Sweden. We asked readers why the two are often mistaken.

Deadline Forced child workers rush to claim compensation

The number of former “discarded children” who have applied to receive government reparations has spiked ahead of an Easter deadline.