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#WeAreSwissAbroad – Claudio Ghizzo ‘Switzerland is the model I always refer to’

Claudio Ghizzo was born in Italy to a Swiss mother. The 32-year-old nurse believes his Swiss origins have influenced his civic spirit.

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Accident statistics Distracted drivers named top cause of accidents

Most road traffic accidents in Switzerland last year were caused by distracted drivers who were texting or phoning at the wheel.

Life expectancy Want to live longer? Try Switzerland or Spain

In terms of life expectancy in Europe, on a regional level, only Madrid in Spain tops the Swiss canton of Ticino.

Vote November 25, 2018 Are cows happier with their horns?

Animal welfare is at the heart of the promoters of the cow horn initiative. Voters have the final say on the proposal on November 25.

#WeAreSwissAbroad – Ariane Lüthi ‘It’s hard to listen to a Swiss complain’

Mountain biker Ariane Lüthi has lived in South Africa for eight years. As a woman, she says, she has had to fight harder there than in Switzerland.

Vote November 25, 2018 ‘Swiss first’ principle could cause upset at ballot box

A proposal to put the Swiss constitution above international law and the promotion of cows with horns could win a majority in next month’s vote.

Archaeology Swiss glaciers surrender secrets of the past

Neolithic wooden bows, quartz arrowheads and a prayer book: archaeological treasures and human remains are surfacing from retreating glaciers.

#metoo, one year on Sexual harassment still shrouded in secrecy in big companies

Sexual harassment is still discussed behind closed doors in most companies. So what has changed since #metoo?