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Cute but destructive Beaver attack!

Wild animals like bears, wolves and beavers are protected by law and cannot, as a rule, be hunted. But now Parliament wants to amend the Hunting ...

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#WeAreSwissAbroad – Daisy Gilardini ‘Science is the brain, but photography is the heart’

Swiss nature photographer Daisy Gilardini was appointed “photographer-in-residence” for the magazine Canadian Geographic.

Swiss Mountain Aid Why urbanites in Switzerland give generously to mountain farmers

Identity and patriotism play a big role in motivating people in the cities to come to the aid of struggling Alpine farmers.

Guilty humans Swiss courts crackdown on animal cruelty

The number of people sentenced for animal cruelty in Switzerland has tripled in the past decade, Swiss newspapers reported on Sunday.

Pro Juventute What to do when your friend talks about suicide

In Switzerland a young person commits suicide about every three days. An innovative prevention campaign wants to encourage young people to seek help.