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class divide What the statistics don’t say about teachers’ salaries

How much does a schoolteacher earn in Switzerland? There are big differences between the cantons, and also a gap between theory and practice.

Mental health Over 27% of Swiss workers are stressed

Workplace stress is on the rise, particularly among younger workers – who often show up feeling unwell. The consequences are costly. 

War and revolution The road to proportional representation in Switzerland

Here's how, in 1918, Switzerland made the historic decision to move to a proportional representation system at national level.

Swiss-EU Switzerland wants EU deal except its biggest party

Almost two-thirds of Swiss want Switzerland to hammer out a framework agreement with the European Union.

Pharma Novartis to cut 2,200 Swiss jobs by 2020

Around 1,500 jobs are affected in production and 700 in services. Novartis currently employs 13,000 people across Switzerland.

Refugee integration Solomon wants to start a new life

Like many refugees in Switzerland, Solomon Aklilu hasn’t got a job. But thanks to a government program, he can now do an internship and attend school.

Convincing employers Swiss plan to get more refugees into the workforce

The Swiss migration office will look at ways to encourage companies to employ more refugees to integrate them into the economy. A study of firms ...

Social security Supplementary benefits – what are they and who receives them?

Reducing financial support for the country’s poorest citizens is triggering heated debates in parliament.