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Radio and Television Swiss licence fee vote: the demands and potential consequences

On March 4, the Swiss will vote on getting rid of the compulsory radio and television licence fee. What are the arguments and what is at stake? 

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back to work Jobless in Switzerland need more education, say social groups

Two leading Swiss organisations for social action and further education have called for big investment in training opportunities for the unemployed.

Economical with the truth Swiss jobseekers excel at lying about salaries

The Swiss are the champions of Europe when it comes to inflating their salary when applying for a new job.

#WeAreSwissAbroad Kurt Sieber: 57 years in Japan – thoughts of a retiree

Swiss businessman Kurt E. Sieber went to live in Japan in 1960. What does he think about his chosen home?

Social security and pensions

Swiss social security is split into three ‘pillars’, each with its own characteristics and goals that help retired people continue to finance ...

Swiss office time How many hours do you work a week?

More than 41 hours and 10 minutes? That’s the average in Switzerland for people with full-time jobs.

Apprenticeship system

Swiss 16-year-olds face an important choice at the end of their three compulsory years in lower secondary school.

Workers’ rights

Workers are generally well-protected in Switzerland. The maximum full-time working week allowed for by law varies from 45 hours to 50 hours.

Cross-border workers

The number of people living abroad but commuting to jobs in Switzerland has been increasing steadily in recent years and is now close to 320,000.

A Swiss perspective What to do if sexual harassment happens to you

The discourse on sexual harassment in Switzerland has shifted from could this happen here to what should we do about it.