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Expat voting Swiss e-voting system to undergo ‘hacker test’

Next year, Swiss authorities will put one of the country’s two e-voting systems up for attack by hackers – with a prize on offer for breaking it.

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Education Almost 100 teachers are on schools’ black list

There are currently 95 people on a teaching black list in Switzerland, most of them primary school teachers, banned for offences of a sexual nature.

Academic dismissal ETH Zurich moves to fire professor accused of bullying

A professor from the former Institute for Astronomy at the federal technology institute ETH Zurich is set to be dismissed.

ETH Zurich New ultrasound technique improves breast cancer detection

Zurich-based researchers have developed a new ultrasound technique that can help distinguish benign breast tumours from malignant ones. 

Vote November 25, 2018 Big Brother on the doorstep?

Voters will decide on a new law aimed at cracking down on suspected welfare fraudsters in Switzerland.