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#WeAreSwissAbroad Eva Witschi: invaluable professional experience in London

Before eventually returning to Switzerland, where she would like to bring up her children, 25-year-old Eva Witschi wants to “have adventures in ...

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Cooking up a storm The Swiss chef who became the world's best

With numerous Michelin stars under his belt, Swiss cook Daniel Humm is the head chef and one of the owners of the best restaurant in the world.

Rent wrangle Swiss regions lean on Airbnb to collect tourist tax

As the number of Airbnb offers in Switzerland continues to grow, cantons and parliamentarians continue to discuss ways to regulate the platform.

Animal welfare Switzerland bans crustacean cruelty

As part of an overall animal protection reform, the Swiss government has banned the common practice of boiling lobsters without stunning them first.

taking the heat Swiss trains to experiment with lower carriage temperatures

In a bid to save energy and the environment, Swiss Federal Railways is experimenting with a lowering of temperatures in selected trains around Zurich.

Frankenshock effect Minister: ‘Swiss economy recovering but reforms needed’

The Swiss economics minister says he has confidence in the Swiss economy, which he says is recovering from the so-called “Frankenshock”.

Resort data Why size matters when it comes to ski pass prices

Where in the Swiss Alps do you get access to the most ski slopes for your money? We crunched the numbers linking kilometres and cost to find out.

Kevin the organic beef farmer

Kevin Moat and his wife Hanni run a small organic beef farm located at 1,000 metres near Lake Thun. Self-taught, he started milk farming before ...

Swiss DNA The local club as a school of democracy

Clubs and associations are crucial for society and democracy. But there are no precise figures as there is no duty to register.