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The Sounds of... Churches face an uncertain future

A visit to a Swiss cathedral reveals how one religious community practises its faith even as more people turn away from the church.

Laid to rest ‘Livable’ Swiss cemetery caters to all faiths

The Bremgarten cemetery in Bern is one of few in Switzerland offering people of diverse world religions and belief systems a final resting place.

pioneers When women pastors first ascended the pulpit

In 1918, two women were ordained as pastors in Switzerland. A historic step at the time, the sight of female pastors has since become common.

mental health Switzerland catching up with demand for Muslim pastoral care

As Switzerland’s population becomes more diverse, the demand for relevant pastoral care is growing. But the country still has some catching up to do.

Comment storm ‘Excellent’ or ‘bigoted’? Readers react to St Gallen burka ban

Voters in canton St Gallen banned face coverings in public and comments from readers flooded in. Here’s a representative selection.

Setting boundaries Swiss priests will be sent to sex-ed class

The highest Catholic body in Switzerland plans to introduce sexual education courses for church representatives.

‘Spreading the message’ Bible verse campaign sows discord

A series of ads that display Bible verses, currently on display on public transport in the city of Biel in canton Bern, is stirring controversy.