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Money laundering Trial of Tamil Tiger financiers begins in Switzerland

The trial of 13 financiers accused of funnelling more than CH15 million ($15.3 million) to the Sri Lankan Tamil separatist group Liberation Tigers ...

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Swiss DMZ guards Korean peninsula’s ‘only impartial body’ watches and waits

The Swiss military contingent on the tense border between North and South Korea is part of a neutral force in a conflict that is far from over. 

Syrian presence Swiss establish humanitarian aid office in Damascus

Switzerland is re-establishing a presence in Syria with a humanitarian aid office based in Damascus, according to the Federal Department of ...

International humanitarian law ICRC president warns over ‘explosive mix’ of urban conflicts

Peter Maurer, head of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) takes a look back at 2017, and dares a glimpse into the future. 

Eradicating mines ‘It’ll take ages for Bosnia to be mine free’

More than 20 years have passed since the end of the war in Bosnia, but the country is still contaminated with landmines and cluster bombs.

Swiss EUFOR soldiers in Bosnia Herzegovina ‘We are here to get a feel for the place’

Calm, but not stable: insights into the lives of the Swiss Army's European Union Force observation team on the ground in Mostar.