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Convincing employers Swiss plan to get more refugees into the workforce

The Swiss migration office will look at ways to encourage companies to employ more refugees to integrate them into the economy. A study of firms ...

Social security Supplementary benefits – what are they and who receives them?

Reducing financial support for the country’s poorest citizens is triggering heated debates in parliament.

Paradise lost? Switzerland named among biggest losers in expat survey

Switzerland is now the 44th best country to live as an expat, according to a survey which highlights the cold realities of life in the Alpine nation. 

university challenge Swiss university grads enjoy strong job prospects

One year after finishing their studies, some 95% of Swiss university graduates have found work, according to official government statistics.


While Swiss entrepreneurial spirit runs deep across the country, setting out on your own as a self-employed foreigner requires permits and permission.

Employment and placement agencies

Whether you are a European or a third-state national looking to work in Switzerland, the search for a professional post should begin here. ...

Apprenticeship agreements

Switzerland has concluded agreements with 13 countries outside of the EU, including the United States, so young people can extend their job and ...

Swiss-EU relations Swiss trade unions defy EU over wage protection

Switzerland has the highest wages in Europe and trade unions want to ensure this remains the case - even if it means clashing with the EU.