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Healthy income Doctors’ salaries exceed expectations

The salaries of self-employed doctors in Switzerland are around a third higher than previously thought.

1918 General Strike Capitulation before revolution

November 2018 will see the centenary of the 1918 General Strike, a political event that brought Switzerland to the brink of civil war.

Mitenand movement The pioneers of a more open migration policy

Forty years ago, 3,000 people gathered on Parliament Square, demanding a more humane policy towards foreigners based on equal rights.

Multinationals Want a job in Switzerland? Take a hint from top companies

What does it take to get a job at a multinational company in Switzerland? Experts give our readers a word of advice.

Building sector conflict Autumn of discontent in the land of labour harmony

As striking building workers stage a second day of protest in Geneva, we look at Switzerland's history when it comes to labour conflicts.

#metoo, one year on Sexual harassment still shrouded in secrecy in big companies

Sexual harassment is still discussed behind closed doors in most companies. So what has changed since #metoo?

class divide What the statistics don’t say about teachers’ salaries

How much does a schoolteacher earn in Switzerland? There are big differences between the cantons, and also a gap between theory and practice.

Mental health Over 27% of Swiss workers are stressed

Workplace stress is on the rise, particularly among younger workers – who often show up feeling unwell. The consequences are costly. 

War and revolution The road to proportional representation in Switzerland

Here's how, in 1918, Switzerland made the historic decision to move to a proportional representation system at national level.